Carefully selected Lobsters

Our meticulously curated selection includes Canadian, European, and Eastern Scheldt lobsters. Stored in our cooled and filtered basins, we ensure the ultimate freshness of our products. Succumb to the rich taste of our Canadian lobster, the subtle finesse of the European lobster, or the briny delight of our local Eastern Scheldt lobster.

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Canadian lobster on ice

Canadian lobster

Our Canadian lobsters come from the world’s cleanest waters around Nova Scotia. Imported several times a week to the Netherlands, they reside in our facilities closely mimicking their natural habitat. In these optimal conditions, the lobsters purify themselves and are ready to be delivered fresh daily to our customers.

Distinguished by their brown color, Canadian lobsters are the most popular and best-selling type in our assortment. We prefer Canadian to American lobster due to its significantly higher meat content, resulting in fuller lobsters. Each specimen embodies the rich flavor and quality our customers expect.

MSC Certified: Canadian lobster can be supplied with MSC certification upon request.

European lobster

The European lobster primarily comes from the coasts along Great Britain and is instantly recognizable by its distinctive dark blue color. Available all year round, it is most attractively priced during the summer months when the water warms and the lobsters actively seek food, making them easier to catch in bait-filled cages.

With a finer and softer taste than its Canadian counterpart, the European lobster offers a unique culinary experience.

The European lobster on ice
Eastern Scheldt lobster on ice

Eastern Scheldt lobster

The Eastern Scheldt lobster is a delicacy from Dutch waters, with a strict season from April 1 to July 15. This carefully chosen season ensures sustainable handling of the lobster stock in the Eastern Scheldt and Grevelingenmeer. At the end of the season, the lobsters molt. In the final weeks before the season ends, the Eastern Scheldt lobster is at its culinary peak, at its best quality.

Structurally more robust and tastier than its Canadian counterpart, the unique flavour of the Eastern Scheldt lobster means less seasoning is required during cooking, allowing its natural flavours to shine through.

After being caught, our lobsters undergo a meticulous purging process to fully cleanse their intestines. We manage this critical process ourselves with the constant addition of fresh water and the use of biological filters. Within 24 hours, the lobsters are perfectly purified.

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