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A tradition of quality and craftsmanship since 1880, continued with dedication by five generations.

Freshness & quality

At Verwijs’ Kreeftenparken, freshness is key. All our products—from lobsters to shellfish—are stored in our cooled and filtered basins. This ensures that, when our customers place their orders, the products are still in their natural environment. We make no compromises when it comes to quality: it is the foundation of our success.

As one of Europe’s largest importers of Canadian lobster, we have the facilities to purify up to 60,000 kg of products. This capacity enables us to maintain our promise of freshness even during peak periods, such as Christmas.

Our clientele primarily consists of supermarkets and fish wholesalers, as well as suppliers to the hospitality industry.

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since 1880
5th generation

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King crab

Historical photo from 1880
Historical photo from 1880

Since 1880

Verwijs’ Kreeftenparken has a deeply rooted history dating back to 1880 when our family began cultivating oysters. Over the years, our range has expanded to include mussels and lobsters. Today, Pieter Verwijs, the fifth generation, continues this tradition with the same commitment to quality and innovation.

In 2014, we constructed a new facility specifically designed to increase our rewatering capacity for crustaceans. This expansion enabled us to further focus on importing and trading a wider variety of crustaceans, including Canadian and European lobsters, Brown crab, and King crab.

We purchase as close to the source as possible: directly from fishermen or their exporters. This not only ensures the highest quality but also supports sustainable relationships with our suppliers. They understand our high standards and share our commitment to the finest quality.